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Just Get A Real Job: Ep. 103 - ’Overcoming the Challenges of a Creative Career’


Choose Film: A Reel Retrospective 

"Strictly Ballroom"


What We Do in the Winter


"an embracement of the surreal from MacLeod’s direction, entirely gunning for the Kubrick-vibe"

★★★★ Spin! 

Corr Blimey8th April 2023

"MacLeod’s direction is as wacky as her writing... Delicious."

★★★★ Spin! 

Fergus Morgan - The Stage, 28th March 2023

"just the right blend of weirdness, wit and poignancy... a gorgeous 70 minutes of theatre."

★★★★ Spin! 

Joyce McMillan - The Scotsman, 27th March 2023

"sparky sitcom in waiting"

★★★★ Spin! 

Neil Cooper - The Herald, 23rd March 2023


Broadway Baby

West End Wilma

TV Bomb

Breaking the Fourth Wall

Culture By Night

North East Theatre Guide



Miro Magazine


Female Arts

London Pub Theatres

UK Theatre Network

"Perfect night cap... Stunning!!"

WAYWARD, Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2017

Graham Norton

"Best thing I've seen at the fringe so far this year, funny and a great voice."

WAYWARD, Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2017

Alan Davies

“sharp-tongued and comedic spoken interludes with a brand of dusky torch singing which stuns the room into silence."

The List

 “Cat’s singing is spectacular, effortless and moving… delivered with charisma and great energy."  


The Play’s The Thing

“vocals are exquisite with great strength […] Cat’s striking wit breaks through”


Broadway Baby

“you’re left hungry for more.”


“she knows when to let her voice soar and when to take it down to a whisper. She can silence the room with one word, one flick of her arm, one little wink.”

To the End of the World!

Lorna Irvine, The Tempohouse

“(a) sensation of humanity’s past stretching out behind us is part of the magic of Cat Loud’s performance.”


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