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Script Consulting

from £90 - £180 (depending on script length)

Package includes

  • a preliminary meeting to chat about your script, where you are with it, where you want it to go, any questions or concerns you have at this stage

  • a full script report

  • an additional two meetings to review progress, talk more in-depth about writing specifics and strategy

pitch decks + docs

£ on request

From one pagers to full pitch decks, get in touch to chat about your project and what you need.

Salty little clown sketches

from £25

Custom sketches as high-res JPEGs suitable for print or online sharing.

writing, directing, producing

£ on request

I work for Equity minimum, but happy to chat about more DIY, profit-share creative projects this year as a writer, director and producer. 

portraits on film

from £10

I am very much an amateur photographer and want to take creative, laid back portraits with a flair for the dramatic. Price covers the cost of film and development for at least five shots. Get in touch for more info.

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